Most Similar Certifications Directory

The Most Similar Certifications Directory represents the determinations made by the Crane Type Advisory Group (CTAG) based on requests received from employers, training firms, regulators and other industry stakeholders.

This Directory is maintained in an effort to assist industry in determining whether an operator may be deemed qualified to operate equipment in situations where no accredited testing organization offers certification for that particular equipment type. 

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While CTAG makes every effort to make its determinations on a particular piece of equipment applicable to a type of equipment, some installations and/or equipment may be so unique that they do not lend themselves to generic categorization.  Hence, the Directory is divided into three parts.

Part 1:  Type of Equipment — containing the determinations made for cranes for which no known accredited certification exists.

Part 2:  Type of Installation —  containing the determinations made for cranes for which an accredited certification does exist, but whose installation, application or the use to which they are being put may call the type of certification into question.

Part 3:  By Specific Model/Brand — containing the determinations made regarding a specific brand and/or model of lifting equipment with unique characteristics for which the appropriate certification is unclear.  The determinations may also apply to similar equipment made by other manufacturers.

Click on the listing(s) below to reveal more information and the applicable “most similar” certification. Crane types are listed in alphabetical order within each Part for ease of access.

If you do not find a “match” for the equipment you seek a “most similar” certification for, or are unsure as to whether a particular “most similar” determination applies, please contact CTAG at

NOTE: The information materials and opinions reflected in this Directory are for general information purposes only and are not intended to constitute legal advice. They should not be relied on or regarded as specific advice concerning particular circumstances involving a individual operator on specific equipment at a particular job site. The NCCCO Foundation makes every reasonable effort to provide the industry with information that is accurate and complete, but makes no warranties, representations or guarantees, whether express or implied, in connection with this listing.