The NCCCO Foundation is excited to announce the publication of its first report on the load-handling workforce. The NCCCO Foundation partnered with the Human Resources Research Organization (HumRRO) in 2023 to conduct the exploratory workforce research and report. The research report focuses on understanding several topics of interest, including the demographic makeup of load-handling employees, the state of the current recruitment pipeline, and how load-handling employees view their jobs and certification.

HumRRO conducted a two-stage research effort consisting of focus groups and a national survey of individuals with active certifications in the load-handling industry. The research report written by HumRRO for the NCCCO Foundation includes highlights, executive summary, introduction, methodology, results and analysis, key takeaways, and recommendations.

A significant amount of detailed information regarding the research findings, key takeaways, data, and recommendations are provided throughout the report. The full report is available on the NCCCO Foundation website at

“The NCCCO Foundation is pleased to provide the crane industry with this informative research report,” said NCCCO Foundation Executive Director, T.J. Cantwell. “We believe the workforce research report contains new and essential information that various industry stakeholders including employees, employers, trainers, and others can utilize for both business and career purposes. For its part, the NCCCO Foundation intends to use the data and findings from the report to inform its upcoming crane career outreach and awareness initiatives launching later this year,” Mr. Cantwell added.