The NCCCO Foundation and the National Safety Council (NSC) through its Work to Zero initiative partnered to survey certified crane operators and inspectors regarding safety hazards in the crane industry. The goal was to identify the most common hazardous situations these workers are exposed to, the main causes and contributors to workplace injuries, and to understand their use and perceptions of safety technology solutions used to eliminate or mitigate these risks. The results of the survey are now available in the newly released report, Understanding the Current State of Safety Hazards in the Crane Industry.

“The NCCCO Foundation welcomed the opportunity work with the National Safety Council on a research project that we believe will have a positive impact on the safety of everyone working in and around cranes”, said T.J. Cantwell, NCCCO Foundation Executive Director. “The National Safety Council’s research expertise combined with the NCCCO Foundation’s knowledge of the crane industry allowed us to design a survey that resulted in a significant amount of new and useful data on the hazards that face those in the industry every day,” Mr. Cantwell added.

The NCCCO Foundation intends to share the report’s findings throughout the year and focus its safety education outreach on the top hazards identified in the report. Educational materials, webinars, and other resources designed to increase awareness and improve safety in the crane industry will be available soon.

The report includes findings regarding the top hazardous situations, most common risks, most common causes of injuries, perceptions of safety training and compliance, and use of safety technology in the crane industry. The full report is available on the NCCCO Foundation website at