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Commitment to Education

Technical Reports

A cornerstone of the mission of the NCCCO Foundation is that it serve as an authoritative industry resource of information related to certification and workforce development matters.

The industry’s seemingly ever-changing working conditions, technology, and federal and state rules are challenging to keep abreast of, and the NCCCO Foundation is constantly improving and augmenting its educational and informational offerings in response.

Central to that information effort is SIREN– NCCCO’s Safety Information, Research & Education Network. Launched by NCCCO in 2015 to act as a hub for all of NCCCO’s educational offerings, and now operating out of the NCCCO Foundation, SIREN acts as a definitive source of information for the crane and lifting industry.

Original research conducted to date has resulted in studies including:

  • Three Decades of Experience: A Survey of Three-Time Recertificants
  • The Effects of Calculator Use During NCCCO Testing
  • The Impact of Line Pull in Crane Load Chart Interpretation
  • The Potential of Virtual Reality in Certification Testing (estimated publication December 2019)
  • The Third Step: How Employers are Responding to OSHA’s Requirement to Evaluate Crane Operators (estimated publication December 2019)

Industry Forums

The NCCCO Foundation also organizes the annual Industry Forum on Personnel Qualifications. The inaugural Forum, held to coincide with NCCCO’s 20th Anniversary in 2015, focused on the qualifications of personnel working in construction, and featured guest speakers from federal government (OSHA, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers) as well as subject matter experts and representatives from crane manufacturers, crane distributors and the insurance industry.

Following its success, a second Forum was held in conjunction with NCCCO’s 42nd Biannual Commission Meeting in Honolulu, Hawaii in 2017, since when the event has been held annually.  All Forums have been remarkably well-received with approval ratings of up to 97%, and delegates rating the quality of the information provided as exceptional.

Topics that have been addressed to date include:

  • How Real is Virtual Reality?
  • Marijuana and Certification; Can they Cohabit?
  • What’s New at Federal OSHA?
  • What’s So Important About Accreditation?
  • Implications of OSHA’s “Most Similar” Provision
  • Working Together for Workforce Development
  • Why Ethics and Discipline Matters Matter
  • What We Know About OSHA’s Position on Lift Directors
  • What the Revised Corps of Engineers Hoisting Regulations Mean to You
  • When Do Testing Accommodations Unlevel the Playing Field?
  • The Worrying Trend among States to Discount Certification
  • Can We Prevent “Bad Actor” Certification Shopping?

Education at CONEXPO

Since 2012, NCCCO has been an active member of the CONEXPO Education Committee. By tapping its industry network of internationally renowned experts, NCCCO regularly assists in the development of the well-attended and highly-rated crane and rigging education track at each three-year event.

Click here for a list of crane and rigging topics and speakers assembled with the assistance of the NCCCO Foundation for CONEXPO 2020 scheduled for Las Vegas, March 10-14, 2020.